about kind-of-nostalgic meows

perhaps Daniela's boat broke in the middle of the way home...

but i'm sure Donkey saved her and they returned to the Island... perhaps after some time, he take her to another Island, the Island where aunt Ruth and my grandma are... with Lincka, i'm sure, and they can play together all the time. she must be happy there, so it's ok... but i miss her some times... guess it doesn't make much sense, but i do...

ah... all this babbling it's because this manga, i'll leave it, if u wanna read it, it's just six pages long, though xD

you know you love me,
xoxo, GG

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  1. MIssing is horrible missing what you don´t know is weird could i be your sister? i have no sister... i have no uncle, i have no daddy we could share?