about kind of... meows... yeah

you know? I'm starting to like this thing! not the blogging thing, not the english thing, but the writing thing, and you all can say, but, Danush, you've always loved the writing thing! so, I'll laugh and answer, oh, my beloved padawans, you have NO IDEA after the thing, the blurry night, (that was two nights ago, Lola) I feel different... I feel generous, I feel compassionate, I feel like a new person, a good person, helping other people out makes you feel fantastic!! sorry, couldn't help myself, anyway, I do feel different, it was... kind of an epiphany... was like... now I see things different... I know it may sound silly to you, but it is true. it's not like... after that, my life will take a steady step, or, I'm suddenly interested in studying or something, no... it was more like... something in my head is different now, something in me, something that is been troubling me since... too long now, I can't say is gone, is just, so clear now... like, I know how to live with it, it's such a relief, you have no idea! it's... Hades, I don't know, but right now, in this instant of my life, I feel absolutely happy,

and well, in other not quite so weird things.
I'm trying to join the mp3 for the last audiobook, it's giving me a headache! they're like... two hundred and counting pieces! it's awful! I liked Eclipse they were only 14 pieces, so simple! but this! Hades, I'm just in the fifth one and I'm already sick of it! but, if I wanna carry it in my cellphone, like a civilized person, I'll have to keep working. not sure if I'll be able to finish it before my class tomorrow, and after that is going to Lola's, and after to my dad's place, so... I guess I'll never finish Breaking Down.
that's bad, 'cause the guy that reads Jake's part in Breaking Down has an amazing voice! I love it!! perhaps is just because he's reading like he was Jake, but I love him. I hate his female voices though, ugh! but his Edward voice is quite cool! I like the girl's Edward voice too, is more like the Edward I had imagined, soft and sweet... don't know how to describe it! but, she gives him a great voice!

the newspaper girl came today, and... it was quite fun! I didn't expect that xD she was late, like usual, so, we couldn't see the show... again, but we came back to mom's place, and she told me the newest part of her story with the newspaper and that was fun!! so teenagerie and hormonal! so like my teenager life!! well... not quite like my teenager life, she is so much more pure that I was at that age... but anyhow, it was fun xD we went to eat burros after that! with my uncle and the guys (that is, mom and Warden) and we ate a lot! but it was nice, with the family and all. my uncle ask me if he could go with us the next time... he wants to see RENT with us!! *^* I so love my uncle!! xDD

and... I think that's all... I'm kind of making time, to see how much of the book I can finish this night, the next step is writing something for W4, though, my epiphany left my W4 brain a bit shaky, but, I think I can manage a little entry, at least xD and I have to transcribe some new phrases to my phrase blog, like the one with Embry and the bike, from New Moon I don't care much if I go to classes tomorrow with just a couple hours of sleep, vampire or no vampire, I've always been a nightish kind of girl... like I told tal-cual the other day, they're used to see me drunk, hangover and sometimes even still a bit high when I go to classes, a simple night up, is nothing in comparison...

so... I'll go now, will I ever write in spanish again? don't know... I'm having fun with the english thing too... is good for me, helps me improve my redaction and stuff... yeah xDD

xoxo, Something Something...

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  1. "xoxo something something" ???!!! ok... ahora si, ya lo leí, tenias toda la razon del mundo, nada interesante que pueda divertirme, but... no nada olvidalo! es bueno eso de que escribas en ingles, venga escribe algo (todo menos la cancion! todo menos esa cancion!) ¬¬ olvidalo! no escribas nada!.... bueno si!... bueno no!... agh! olvidalo! ¬¬ rafastafañafa! by the by, no encuentro tus lentes, usualmente deverian estar con mis lentes obscuros pero creo que han sido secuestrados por "ella"...

    Miau =^-^=

    xoxo Lola Cullen