about doggie meows xD

I just saw the Marley & Me movie, just because I had nothing better to do.

God! I loved it!! it's been really long since I loved a movie, loved it enough to come and talk about it, this movie actually made me cry, I swear! I just love it! and, I want to read the book, a best seller for sure, but, I love best sellers xD I'm the shame of the family! xD

the image is from the book, the movie poster wasn't cute enough xD

the movie is for dog lovers. if you never had a dog, you can't understand the love for the movie xD you need an incorrigible, impossible to tame, adorable fur ball to be able to love this movie as much xD not even a cat or any other pet could work for this... and I love cats xD but, you all, and Ciro too knows that my first and only love was Lincka, and, God, this movie was so much for us who had a dog like her! xD at the end of the movie I remembered Oso a bit, 'cause the dog was old and all, poor dog...

well, you all dog lovers out there, go and watch the movie, is funny, Eric Dane is in, and he's hot. the dog is absolutely adorable, and not just while he's a puppy, and, Jenifer Aniston is in the movie too! and I love her. I don't like Owen Wilson, but i liked him in this movie, so, is a perfect movie! xD

and, that's all people, go, buy the movie, it's just 10 pesos or something, I'm gonna buy it, I want to watch it with okaasan, I think she might like it

so, yeah. miau!

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  1. por cierto que pasó con el Vblog? te pasas na mas me ilusionas malosa... si haces otro yo haré uno ¿zaz? jijiji bueno tengo que contarte mil cosas en realidad no son tantas pero si tengo muchas ganas de verte diculpa por no mandarte sms el otro día pero no tengo crédito y surgió una entrevista y ando un poco estrés y paranóica, una por the stranger otra porque la tesina ya casi tenemos que entregarla y la verdad nos falta un buen tenemos muy poca información es más de anexos que de otra cosa ayuda!! help!! aaaaah! jajaja te amo Neme :S quiero verte yaaaaa... en fin solo una vez tuve un perro pero era una cosa realmente joven y traviesa tal vez no aplica en mí...