de miau! James Marsden!

james_01i just saw this movie, 27 Dresses... starring James Marsden, my God!! it's been my James week, i saw Hairspray like two days ago, Enchanted yesterday and 27 today, i just LOVE James Marsden!! he's so cute!! and has these amazing eyes and this beautiful smile... my God!!! i truly love him!! miau in love!! =^..^=

i've been completely obsessed with this stupid game that Christian was playing, Zeus, el Señor del Olimpo, it's like Age of Empires but without graphics and complications... it's so easy and great! i just love it! but i almost manage it completely, so the obsession is passing by... don't know xD

mhh... not much to say, i'm a bit dah, not feeling like doing anything so, i'll just keep playing... or downloading another James Marsden movie, like... Sugar & Spice or Superman Returns o-o xDDD don't think so!! xDD i could just watch again my x.men movies, but i won't be able to stop watching Huge Jackman, i really, really, really don't like Cyclops! xDD


miau to James!! miau!!!! =^..^=
miau to los Pumas!! miau!! =^..^=
miau to MCR?? don’t think so!! xD
miau to the mini-Primux! sorry, i'll get to work soon, i promise! miau =^..^u=
miau to Cala and Helen! love you both! miau! =^..^=
Miau to Helen and Cala again, i miss you! miau! =´u-u`=

you know you love me!
xoxo, GG

Cemetery Drive // My Chemical Romance [Life On The Murder Scene]

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