de i'm with someone

no pensaba actualizar hasta mañana, pq con mis ochenta y cinco mil actualizaciones de ayer por estar trasladando las cosas de flog para acá, necesito poner letritas feas para poder actualizar y q hueva, pero estaba checando la nueva strip de Good As You y... tuve q actualizar

me encantó, en partes me hizo reír, pero “i'm with someone, you're my ex” =^T-T^= so sad!! acá les dejo, enjoy!

So I left you before you could begin to whine.
Then I came back but your eyes where not watching mine.
“Forget regret” doesn't always work both ways.
Who’d have thought you’d be the one who went away?

So I ordered a Nintendo through the Internet
and mailed it as a present for myself.
To keep my skin from craving yours
and my mind from missing you.

To avoid remembering those times when I felt rich,
I'd distract my mind with Mario, Yoshi and Princess Peach.
To stop wishing that you still love me too,
I’d ask for help to Zelda and Pikachu.

My mind was racing with all the time I had to kill.
and our memories lingered still.
The Post Man suffered my frustrated stares,
but my package still was nowhere.

To keep my hands from making that call,
I wanted to be playing with a Pokè Ball.
To deny the fact that you where long gone,
I’d try my best to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Then the days turned into weeks,
and I admited I am so weak.
So I sent that painful message text,
and you responded: “I'm with someone, you're my ex”
The package now lays unwrapped in my room.
Since it was late, now all was gloom.

But there's one thing I came to learn:
Hong Kong Air Mail..
.. is absolutely not reliable.

en fin, ya casi acabo de mudar el flog para acá, me deben faltar unos... no se, treinta posts o-O a ver cuando acabo

miau a Yue y GoodAsYou!! miau! =^..^=

you know you love me,
xoxo, GG

(Hades ordena q vayan y lean Good As You, sarta de inmorales!! ¬¬)

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